We are a team of two creative individuals that both share a passion for arts, crafts and giving new life to wood, string and everything in between. Our honorable members areĀ Gabriela Tiu – engineer – and Andrei Giurgea – architect.

We’re waiting for your feedback, appraisals and for your orders. We’re open to suggestions and ideas that will ensure that you receive the custom design item that you desire.

Keep in mind that the pricing is negotiable and will change in regards with the size and the complexity of the design as well as the completion date. We put a lot of love in our craft and we want to deliver it as close to perfect as possible for you, so the minimum amount of time for delivering a product is one week for custom designs (travel time not included) for stock items we will send it as fast as the courier can get to our workshop.

Payment will be made directly to the shipping company when the item is in your possession and you will have to support the shipping fees which will vary with the size and weight of the package. For extra large packages we can try to negotiate a better deal for you for more information please visit our shipping page.

Online shop coming soon.


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